Where are Magento static CMS blocks stored?

I cannot the location of static CMS blocks in the database. Where are they?

The reason I need to know this is that when I move the database and my theme files from my local install to my online dev-install, the block does not update, and I need to re-create them for each installation.

Follow-up question would be, how do I create them programmatically?

EDIT: If anyone finds the question unclear I know how to make a static block in the Magento backend. The question is where are they stored in the Magento db/filesystem?

2 thoughts on “Where are Magento static CMS blocks stored?”

  1. Blocks are stored in the database table cms_block. But you don’t need to know that if you are going to create them programmatically.

    $newBlock = Mage::getModel('cms/block')
              ->setTitle('This is the title')
              ->setContent('This is the content')
              ->setStores(array(1)) // see Sergy's comment

  2. They are in the db table cms_block like clockwork geek has said, but be aware that if you add them into the db through sql (using a module install script for example) you also need to add the newly created blocks id and the store id to table cms_block_store or the block won’t appear.

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