What are the step to go through to set up a working development environement for Magento?

Magento is a e-commerce application based on Zend Framework, dive in Magento is sometimes not so easy due to the lack of documentation.

When I take back a project, I’ve to go through several step to get it working :

  1. Check it out from any CVS
  2. Set up the database from the most recent dump of the production server (if any)
  3. Set up the app/etc/local.xml
  4. Replace web/secure/base_url and web/unsecure/base_url in database
  5. Adjust .htaccess setting according to my environment
  6. Set up errors/local.xml from config sample
  7. Allow display_errors

Obviously, at the first step of my development work-flow, I want to display all errors, all exceptions, log every things, etc.

I may have forgot a lot of thing, here is the reason of my question, I’m looking to write kind of cheat sheet from the answer to have the step when I want to set up my Magento Development Environment, and why not write a script.

4 thoughts on “What are the step to go through to set up a working development environement for Magento?”

  1. Add a local.xml file to the /errors/ folder which sets error output to print. Find a sample in the /errors/ folder.

    Backup your db to go back later to this state.

    Set the error settings to error_reporting(-1); to show every error, this helps you also to extend Magento in the correct way, because you then only can extend original Magento classes with the correct signature of its methods!

    Check out the Boilerplate for Magento, it helps you to layout your shop!

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