Move search bar from header in home page in magento

I am a new to magento. I wanted to move the search bar from the header to the middle position on home page so that it displays only on the home page.

I’ve read many related answers on the magento forum but all are trying to edit .mini-search element in boxes.css but unfortunately I don’t have any such element in this file.

So, how can I do this?

Magento Quick Search – Search on short description attribute not working

I have developed a site with magento. I have enabled “Short Description” attribute for both quick search and Advance search.

Now, when i search any word for example “Wool” which in product’s short description, no result comes. Is quick search have some issue with “Short Description”.

I want this on since every product has short description and this search is not working at all.


Load search form results inline with jQuery, instead of on a new page

I’m trying to build a custom search form for an e-commerce setup built on Magento.

This search form consists of several (dropdown) select boxes. The form is functioning properly, but after you choose your search values and submit the form, you’re taken to a new page with the results.

Search page URL:
Results page URL:

What I would like to do is instead load the search results in a div below the form with some jQuery.

I’ve searched and have found several examples of this, but I can’t seem to get anywhere. I’ve also come across a few similar threads here on Stack Overflow, but nothing here has worked for me as of yet.

Thank you for any help or guidance on this.

Strange results from Magento search (mini)

I have some strange results from my mini search. Hardly any products are retrieved. Just a few. I’ve updated the index, cleared the cache manually, all that. I’ve had a look at catalogsearch_fulltext and it all seems to be there. And in the autocomplete dropdown I will see the correct number, for example if I type: “Frank” I will get “Frank Sinatra (7)” implying 7 results.

But alas, it will come back with only one. Or none, depending on the search.

I’ve also tried the different search options (like, fulltext, combined). Nothing seems to change the results coming back.

Where do I look next?
Any help would be seriously appreciated!

Invalid Magento Search result

Searching Magento with fulltext search engine and like method , it will store results in catalogsearch_fulltext table in “data_index” field where it stores value in the format like
each searchable attribute is separated with |.

3003|Enabled|None||Product name|1.99|yellow|0

here it store sku,status,tax class, product name , price ,color etc etc
It stores all searchable attribute value.

Now the issue is for Configurable product , it will also store the associated products name ,price ,status in the same field like

3003|Enabled|Enabled|Enabled|Enabled|None|None|None|None|Product name|Product name|associted Product name1|associted Product name2|associted Product name3|1.99|2.00|2.99|3.99|yellow|black|yellow|green|0|0|0|0

So what happen is if i search for any word from associated product, it will also list the main configurable product as it has the word in its “data_index” field.

Need some suggestion how can i avoid associated products being included in data_index, So that i can have perfect search result.


How do I modify the Magento Search to check child skus?

Currently, the site search will search all of the skus of the items marked as being visible in search. This is all well and good.

The problem arises when the customer knows a sku of the individual child item. So, let’s say a product comes in both a 20 foot and 25 foot variation. We would put those into a configurable product and have a single product page where a customer could then choose which of those two lengths.

What happens is, a customer invariably knows that the sku of the 20 ft variation is RDB-20, while the other is RDB-25. A search for RDB-25 then, comes back with no results since the simple product is not visible in search – it doesn’t realize there is a match.

How do I get the search to search an item with visibility “Not Visible Individually”, when it’s parent is visible in search?

The desired effect is that, if a child SKU is searched for, the parent should show up in the results.

Magento 1.5 CE display search function in navigation bar

I am using Magento CE v1.5. Modern theme. I would like to display Search bar on the right hand side in the Navigation bar. Basically category menus on the left and search function on the right on a horizontal menu.

I have replaced with in catalogsearch.xml. The search function displays on the right with the following CSS

.form-search { margin:3px auto; float:right; position:absolute; right:20px; top:70px; }

I am just wondering do I need to do anything to top.phtml file because many other tutorials suggest you need to add

getChildHtml(‘topSearch’) ?>

My search displays without the above code in the top.phtml file.

Please suggest the correct way to go about achieveing search in the navigation bar in CE v1.5. Thank you.