My proceed to checkout button is missing, what steps can I take to diagnose?

When I am in the shopping cart “proceed to checkout” button is missing and I can’t go any further in the checkout process. I looked at cart.phtml and $methodHtml is empty so the comparison (if ($methodHtml = $this->getMethodHtml($method)))to find checkout methods never shows the button.

I am wondering if anyone might know how I can track down what might be wrong with Magento. Onestepcheckout is installed but even when disabled it makes no difference.

2 thoughts on “My proceed to checkout button is missing, what steps can I take to diagnose?”

  1. Learn how to debug through the code using an IDE. Refer to this answer.

    Once you have the debugging setup working for you, set breakpoints in Mage_Checkout_Block_Onepage_Link in the isDisabled() and isPossibleOnepageCheckout() methods so that you can trace through what is causing the button to be hidden.

  2. Need more information, but you if this is an overriden module then I think I can help.

    I had this recently, you need to make to make sure the form controls are rewritten in the new module as well.

    For instance, in config.xml….

                <rewrite><!-- required to add the form controls -->

    Set up debugging is a pain but a pleasure when you start to see what is being called and from where.

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