Mutiple Magento Email Forms & Templates

I need to set up mutiple email forms on my magento website. I’m including the forms onto CMS pages. They are:

  • Arrange a site survey
  • catalogue request
  • And the defualt contact form

But you can only select one email template in the admin (system > configuration > contacts). I’ve got my email templates and included my forms into the CMS pages so I just need them to work.


2 thoughts on “Mutiple Magento Email Forms & Templates”

  1. If you know how to create a controller in Magento and don’t mind doing something a little more dirty, I would recommend creating a very small module that just had a single controller and then point your forms at that.

    Then from there you can use Zend Mail to send the email (easier than trying to use the email templates inside Magento IMHO).

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