Magento V2_SOAP Problem/ Error

Before today my Magento soap worked fine, i could do a logon and a session string would be returned. I have tried the same thing today and it did not work. version

I have tried to connect to 2 different Domains, with each set up with magento and i get the same error.

Can anyone tell me why that would be?

this is the error i am getting.
{“Possible SOAP version mismatch: Envelope namespace was unexpected. Expecting”}

and this is the code i use with Web Reference

string url = "Url";
string apiUser = "User";
string apiKey = "Key";   
_magentoService = new MagentoService();
                        _magentoService.Url = url;
                        var logOn = _magentoService.login(apiUser, apiKey);
                        string logon2 = logOn.ToString();

The same problem with version 1.5 stable

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