Magento saves wrong date when generating or updating products in backend

i’ve got the problem that sometimes when i add or update a product with a certain attributeset, the date-value in one of the attributes changes after saving. It seems, that this problem only occurs on our live-system. In another forum i’ve read something about Magentos way handling the date() function is kinda unusual . I don’t know whether there is a connection or not.

I would would really appreciate your help.

One thought on “Magento saves wrong date when generating or updating products in backend”

  1. Please do clarify what sdek asked for, but I’m going to make a gigantic logical leap here and take a guess at your problem.

    Magento stores dates in GMT in the database, which will make no sense whatsoever if you are also adding data to the system using things like strtotime. Your dates will appear to be off by your GMT offset (mine is -8). How this might happen depends on what you might be doing to add products other than simply adding them within the normal interface.

    If that is not at all what you are asking about, feel free to disregard 🙂


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