magento remove fields from payment method

I’ve already integrate my website with a 3-party payment gateway, everything is working perfect, but now, i want to remove some fields from the payment method, i just want to use the credit card type in this step, obviously, i can’t just delete the html code from
cuz i wont work, i already tried with that, and when you click the continue button, nothing really happen, no error message, nothing, so, need some help here

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  1. Your payment model is descended from Mage_Payment_Model_Method_Abstract which has member fields $_formBlockType and $_infoBlockType.

    Override those fields to class aliases for your custom blocks, descendants of Mage_Payment_Block_Form_Ccsave and Mage_Payment_Block_Info_Ccsave respectively. In those new blocks set the templates to files based on the two ccsave.phtml files, but with your field alterations.

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