Magento – problem displaying imported products

I have a custom script that takes data form an XML and loads in the products.

The main problem, is that these products do display on the frontend.

The only way they do, is if i go into the admin and open the product and then save it.

I noticed that once i did this, an entry was added into the table ‘catalog_product_flat_1’.

Is there a way to either display these imported products or add them to the ‘catalog_product_flat_1’ table without having to save each product?

I am using Magento v1.4.2


2 thoughts on “Magento – problem displaying imported products”

  1. Try to go to Index Management and do the Product Flat Data reindexing. Also, do you have one-store or multi-store system? If its the later see what is set under the Websites for each product.

  2. i had also same problem. it was not showing product after re indexing. but after adding this two field in CSV

    1)_root_category = Default Category


    2)_product_websites = base

    i import CSV. it solve problem and start displays product in store.

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