Magento mod_rewrite redirecting page.asp?query to index.php/product/

We’re moving a client from an ASP based shop, to Magento and would like to rewrite the old shop links to the new format. We’re changing DNS for the domain, so links that Google has already indexed will turn up as 404 in the new shop obviously.

Format on the old shop is: page.asp?objectid=8&dataowner=webshopproduct&dataaction=showproduct&dataactionitem=1698&zcs=2

Format on the new shop is: index.php/catalog/product/view/id/0000/import-

I’ve tried something like:

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} .showproduct.
RewriteRule ^index.php/catalog/product/view/id/0000/imported-([^/]*)$ page.asp?objectid=8&dataowner=webshopproduct&dataaction=showproduct&dataactionitem=$1&zcs=2

And variants of above, but I can’t get it working.

Any ideas? Thanks

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