Magento – Free shipping on orders with certain items, but maintaining a next-day paid shipping service?

I have searched the many many magento free shipping questions both here and on google and am yet to find a resolution.

We’re based in the UK and have three shipping options – Royal Mail, Courier and International. These are implemented using the flatrate rules.

Royal Mail and Courier shipping options are available when customers’ shipping destination is the UK.

What we would like to do is have a small number of specific skus that allow free shipping on the entire order, but for the Royal Mail shipping option only. Customers should still be able to opt to pay for a Courier shipping option.

I’ve attempted using a shopping cart price rule and specifically set “Shipping Method is [flatrate] Royal Mail”, but this does not work; neither of the shipping options appear as £0.00. Any suggestions? If I leave out the Shipping Method check, it makes both options free, which is not what I want.

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  1. The Owebia Shipping Module is definitely a good choice as long as you aren’t looking for Magento to automatically process your shipping through an Module.

    Owebia is also kind of a pain to use and has a moderate learning curve. It took me a few hours to comprehend exactly how to get what I wanted out of the module. But, as a testament to its power, the setup I created used regular expressions to determine shipping to different Canadian Postal codes depending on which products were in the cart, the subtotal and if there was a coupon active. It took me a while but it works like a dream now!

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