Magento filters url rewrite

I’ve got one task about Layer Navigation block on site, powered by Magento.
We want to make a SEO friendly URL’s in filters:

Now there are links like

As you see – manufacturer=1926 is a GET-parameter, which just filter the products.
So I need to make this link like

Where “my_manufacturer” is an allias to “?manufacturer=1926“.

There is one way to do this task: we can make allias for all the filter pages manually with the Magento admin. But the site got a great catalloge, so this would be too tedious. I thought, that this extentions could help me, but not in my practice…



If you have any thought about this problem, I would love to hear them.

Thank’s for your attention!

One thought on “Magento filters url rewrite”

  1. What I did on my store is tag those links in the layered navigation with rel=”noindex,nofollow” and I put the same into the robots meta tag in the target pages. I didn’t want every variation of the pages to be indexed as I don’t want duplicate content. Each variation of the category pages from that layered navigation ends up having the same title, meta description, and often many of the same products.

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