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I’ve searched for this for hours again, so here I am!

How do you change the default (English) language to any other language in Magento? Basically, I want all my customer from store B to arrive at the French version of the site first by default, not the English.

Thanks a lot

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  1. Set those variables in .htaccess

    SetEnv MAGE_RUN_CODE "here put store_code from BO for french version"

    SetEnv MAGE_RUN_TYPE "store" <- this leave as it is

  2. In the admin menu System > Configuration, the first tab shown should be General and it includes a Locale section. That is where you set a store’s language. You can choose which store it applies to with the scope selection in the top left of the page.

  3. Go to Magento Admin

    System > Configuration

    Current Configuration Section from left side bar

    Go to general block and then go to Local Options and select your default language and click on save config and clear your cache from admin then got to frontend and refresh the page you will see the default language is set to your desired language.

  4. You can use apache mod_rewrite for this purpose, check following rule :

    ## Redirect according to user's language
    ## you can put .htaccess file
    RewriteEngine on
    # French Users 
    RewriteCond %{HTTP:Accept-Language} ^fr [NC] 
    RewriteRule ^$ /fr/ [L,R=301] 
    # Default Page 
    RewriteRule ^$ /en/main-page [L,R=301]

  5. Log into your admin System => Manage Stores => Click on the “default store view” in your case English Store (Change the sort order to (1) as this will become additional store view.)

    And after click on the French store view Keep the sort order as zero (0) as this will be your default language.

  6. Log in to magento admin => System -> Configuration. Then from the top left in “Current Configuration Scope:” select your stores and then click on Configuration of left side in GENERAL section click on General then click on “Locale Options” then select French from the dropdown in Locale section.

    1. download language files and place them into the right folders (app > local)
    2. Login to admin panel and go to System > Manage stores
    3. Create a new store view
    4. Login to admin panel and go to System > Configuration > General
      and select each store view from “Current Configuration Scope” drop down menu at the upper left corner of the window.
      Set the corresponding locale for each store view

    5. Clear the cache (System – Cache Management)

    In order to set the default language for magento, you must go to System > Manage Stores, click on the “Store Name” and set the default language from there

    Beware of the content of your language pack. It must have been tested that it works properly.

    Reference: Magento language pack installation

  7. Tried everything that’s written here except for changing .htaccess…

    Nothing worked but I found another way:

    1. System->Manage Stores
    2. click on Main Website Store
    3. change Default Store View to French
    4. refresh the cache if it’s not disabled yet

    May be it’s version dependent – mine is

  8. I am not sure about his code but you could give a try for below code:

    Add a language pack In Magento store view:

    Creating a store view for a language is not too hard in magento follow the steps given below and you are done with it.

    Step 1: Download the language pack you need and then unpack it to your Magento install folder.
    It copies two folders: one goes to appdesignfrontenddefaultdefaultlocale
    and the other one to applocale.

    Step 2: Go to System > Configuration in your admin. On the left top corner in Current Configuration Scope dropdown box, you can see Default Config, and Main Store in English store view.

    Step 3: Now let’s go and add the French store view. Under the dropdown box, there’s Manage Stores link or you can directly go to System > Manage Stores. Click the Create Store View link on top right, and type these in store view information form:

    Store: Main Store

    Name: French

    Code: french

    Status: Enabled

    Sort order: 0

    Step 4: Save, go back to System > Configuration. In Current Configuration Scope dropdown box, you now see there’s French store view. Click that link.
    On Locale options tab on the left, uncheck the ‘use website’ checkbox then change the locale to French (France). Save.

    Now you can have your website in French.

  9. If no store is specifically set in MAGE_RUN_CODE, Magento displays the store with the lowest sort_order. Log in to your Magento Admin and go to System -> Manage Stores. Here, select each store and change the Sort Order field until the store you want to use as your default has the lowest sort order

  10.     System -> Configuration    
        1) if you have multiple store then:
        Left upper corner (below menu-links) you will see "Current Configuration Scope:" select store from there.
        after that continue to step 2
        2) if single store then:
        left side "General" -> "Default Country"
        if "Default Country" not selectable then please uncheck "Use Website" right site to country box
    Chirag Nandaniya

  11. Please use this link and installed this extension in your magento store

    and setup/create store view for french

    Go to admin->system->configuration and do following steps

    and from admin side just setup Country option to France by clicking on General Tab located in left side and also set default Currency by clicking on Currency Setup located in left side

    but be careful to select Store view from first before applied above things from Current Configuration Scope: located on left side panel.

    let me know if you have still facing any problem 🙂

  12. The correct method is:

    Go to System > Manage Stores. Click your main store name (for example Main Website Store) and in Default Store View field select French (I guess you have already created French as a Store View Name).

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