Magento: can two modules extend the same core model?

Is it possible to create two modules which extend the same core model like Mage_Customer_Model_Customer?

What will I receive when I access the (overloaded) core model?

One thought on “Magento: can two modules extend the same core model?”

  1. You can extend the Model class across custom models:

    class Namespace_Module_Model_Customer1 extends Mage_Customer_Model_Customer

    defined in app/code/local/Namespace/Customer/Model/Customer1.php, and:

    class Namespace_Module_Model_Customer2 extends Mage_Customer_Model_Customer

    defined in app/code/local/Namespace/Customer/Model/Customer2.php.

    that should be fine – You’ll have to specify which model you want when you call it:




    the core model will be unchanged:


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