Magento build reasonable project turnaround time [closed]

As a new project manager joining a team where ecomerce sites are developed using magento, I have very little experience estimating project times.

What would a reasonable turnaround time be for a typical magento site with some customisations be?

Customisations in terms of custom modules and a completely custom theme.

I’m thinking in terms of 1 or 2 developers per project.

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  1. Although this is not a programming question and i usually downvote such. You might ask this on and in fact there seems to be threads about this matter already going on there

    Scrum has answers for you and start estimating your story’s and tasks.

    i have a strong agile background and my magento experience tells me:

    1. completely new theme with dom changes, hard customization and for example 4 extensions with courses for end user in team of 2 developers, slicer, designer and scrum-master will take you from start to launch within 6 weeks.
    2. new theme with css styling no or minimal dom changes, pre-made extensions, 1 dev, slicer, designer, scrum master will take you from start to launch with 5 days. User will learn the system within 2 months of usage or sooner if is smart, till then expect to hold the users hand and answer dumb questions or get bad reviews

    those results are based on estimates with pro level devs , designers and slicers who have done at least 12 magento setups before and have been involved with zend and magento development over 2 years in conditions where code is version controlled and deployment, migrations and rollbacks are automated.

    For your first project if none of you have used Magento before , expect the dev learning curve from start to pro at least 6 months , slicer from start to pro with magento 1 month and you as project manager to understand the magento and all its features 🙂 well 2 months of daily usage or sooner if you are smarter. For designers its easier to get the box element and mock-up list (list of pages he has to design for each client) to place and you can expect him to get the basis within 5 days

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