Magento 1.4.2 – Set Address Fields During Registration

I am trying to populate address fields during registration, using data from another system. In my observer, I am able to use

$customer = $observer->getCustomer();

and the information is saved in the database, but


do not. How would I set address fields?

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  1. Addresses are not stored in the Mage_Customer_Model_Customer object. You should instead do something like:

    $address = Mage::getModel('customer/address');

  2. I found some good posts:
    this was easier for me:-)
    and longer post:

    It’s working, I checked.

    I need show fields form address in orders, controller: /checkout/onepage on the page with form login and register (I want add fields personal and address in step register)

    Do someone saw code to create for this functionality?

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