How do i link manufacturer with categories in magento

I would like to link the categories and manufacturers of products in my magento website.My goal is to achieve a drop down like

<< Select Categories >> (list of available categories, i want to load manufacturers after user selects manufacturer)
<< Select Manufacturer >>

i can create a custom module to fetch values, but dont know how to link categories and manufacturers? can anybody help me a hand on this.?

Thanks a lot.

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  1. Check the following articles.

    Layered Navigation

    When a customer is browsing through
    your site they need to find the
    products that interest them as fast as
    possible or you won’t make the sale.
    And when confronted with a category
    containing 60 products spread across
    multiple pages most customers will
    simply throw in the towel. Give them
    the option to filter by what interests
    them though, whether it’s price,
    manufacturer or any other aspect of
    the products, and you can show your
    customers what they want and raise

    How does Layered Navigation work?

    Change layered navigation – Define any attribute to display in layered navigation

  2. You should use “Manufactures” attribute as layered navigation filter and then it is handled by Magento layered navigation filters block

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