How do i delete data using collection in magento ORM?

Right now i am deleting data like

  $deleteCCL = Mage::getModel('crossdata/customccitem');

Is there any way to delete data using collection like:

$rcc = Mage::getModel('crossdata/customccitem')->getCollection()->delete();


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4 thoughts on “How do i delete data using collection in magento ORM?”

  1. There isn’t a handy group delete function so either add it to your collection or simply do it directly.

    foreach ($rcc as $ccitem) {

  2. Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Collection_Abstract (which extends Varien_Data_Collection_Db) provides a delete() method for collections if you have the ability to extend it.

    However, it’s implementation is basically the same as yours:

     * Delete all the entities in the collection
     * @todo make batch delete directly from collection
    public function delete()
        foreach ($this->getItems() as $k=>$item) {
        return $this;

  3. To implement delete functionality into my collections I would add the following function to my custom Collection/Abstract.php.

    public function delete()
        foreach ($this as $object) {

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