Get a single entity from a magento model collection

I’m encountering an issue because I’m sure I’m not doing this correctly with my programming.
I have created a custom model in Magento.
In the database table of my model there are several entities with the same attributes…
I need to pick just one from all these entities with the same attribute that I have.
For the moment I did this:

$myvariable = Mage::getModel('test/test')->getCollection()
->setOrder('idserialkeys', 'asc')
->addFilter('idproduit', 1)
->addFilter('utilise', 0)
->addFilter('customerid', 0)
->addFilter('numcommande', 0)

From this loading I have around a hundred results but I need to update only one of these, so just after I’m doing:


The problem is that I need a foreach after to update my entity

foreach($mavaribale as $modifiemoi) {
    // Update of my entity because of course there is only one 

As you can see I’m obliged to do a loop (for each) even if I have a setPagesize… I would like to avoid this stupid loop to optimize my code.

Thanks for your suggestions and have a nice day,


2 thoughts on “Get a single entity from a magento model collection”

  1. When you have a collection, and you only need one element, use the getFirstItem method. Try this:

    $modifiemoi = $myvariable->getFirstItem();

    Make sure that you also use your setPageSize call so that you only transfer data for one item.

    Hope that helps!


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