Email to a friend in Product view page is not working

There is Email to a Friend (a kind of Referring to a friend) functionality in Magento. You can see the “Email to a Friend” link in Product view page.

Whenever I try to send email to a friend from this, I get the following error:-

Some emails was not sent

I have configured Host from System -> Configuration -> ADVANCED -> System -> Mail Sending Settings.

I have also configured SMTP and sendmail_from in php.ini file.

Any idea why I am getting this error?

One thought on “Email to a friend in Product view page is not working”

  1. Problem solved.

    The problem was with another module which I was using. This module was overriding SendFriend Model class (Mage_Sendfriend_Model_Sendfriend).

    My problem will be helpful to those who fall on similar type of situation.

    When the core code seems to be working
    well or when you haven’t changed any
    core code.. even then you are getting
    problem in Magento default

    The reason can be some local or community module overriding the core classes.

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