Different SKUs per store in Magento

If I wish to get functionality of different SKUs per store for a particular product, what do I have to do?

Say that I have different stores, like men’s shoes.com and women’s shoes.com, in which the same product (CN Clogs Beach/Garden Clog) is present in each store.

Now, I want to define the SKU in the men’s store as mens_shoes_cnclog, and in the women’s store as womens_shoes_cnclog. Here I’m handling one website, and two stores. So, how can I define different skus based on store name?

I have tried to override the saveAction() method of Catalog_ProductController, in which I can easily get the website code, but I want store-wise SKUs so that, in search engines, they will be considered two different products.


One thought on “Different SKUs per store in Magento”

  1. If this is the same backend product, one sku should be used to track it. That said, I understand that you may have some conflicting requirements as such. The only way I can think of to accomplish this without completely ruining the backend of the system is to create a field for a “frontend sku”, which would be used to display to customers on a per-store basis. You would need to replace references in the frontend with the per-store sku, and would still see the real sku in the backend.

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