Customer Invitation in magento

Can we find email-id of them which are invited by specific customer of Magento say “”?

I know We can fetch the record for those who have accepted the invitation by table rewardpoints_referral,

My question is here Can we get the records which are not accepted yet and if yes, then by which table?


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  1. If you are using J2T’s Points and Reward module (1)

    This snippet will list all emails of referrals that have not signed up as customer yet.
    I’ve tested it on a 28000 customer base and it is very fast.

    /* Retrieve all referrals emails */
    $allReferrals = Mage::getModel('rewardpoints/referral')->getCollection();
    foreach($allReferrals as $referral) {
        $allReferralsEmails[] = $referral->getRewardpointsReferralEmail();
    /* Retrieve all signed-up customers that are referrals */
    $allReferralsCustomers = Mage::getResourceModel('customer/customer_collection')->addFieldToFilter('email', array('in'=>$allReferralsEmails));
    foreach($allReferralsCustomers as $allReferralsCustomer) {
        $allReferralsCustomerData = $allReferralsCustomer->getData();
        $allReferralsCustomersEmails[] = $allReferralsCustomerData['email'];
    /* Extract referrals that are not signed-up customers */
    $notSignedUpReferralsEmails = array_diff($allReferralsEmails, $allReferralsCustomersEmails);

    (1) the rewardpoints_referral table should have this structure :

    rewardpoints_referral_id    int(11)     UNSIGNED    No      auto_increment                          
    rewardpoints_referral_parent_id int(11)     UNSIGNED    No                                  
    rewardpoints_referral_child_id  int(11)     UNSIGNED    Yes NULL                                
    rewardpoints_referral_email varchar(255)    utf8_general_ci     No                                  
    rewardpoints_referral_name  varchar(255)    utf8_general_ci     Yes NULL                                
    rewardpoints_referral_status    tinyint(1)          Yes 0                               

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