Create a shopping cart rule in Magento based on product attributes

I have products (needles) in a category. Some of them are sold in packs of 100 and some in packs of 500. The quantity of needles in the box is set as a product attribute. I want to apply cart rules based on the total number of needles in the cart. F.x. 10% if you buy 1000-2000 needles, regardless of the combination of 500/100-packs. Don´t think it can be done with the vanilla Magento (CE and haven´t found any module for it. I have tried the Magento forum, but no luck there. Could someone point me in the right direction?

2 thoughts on “Create a shopping cart rule in Magento based on product attributes”

  1. You could have a single “needles” product and set it’s “Qty Increments” to 100. Then if someone wanted, say, 700 needles they just order 700 and the staff would be responsible for picking out a box of 500 and two of 100. That would make the discount possible but wouldn’t allow for different SKUs so stock control would be difficult.

  2. I found a fixed prices extension that also allows you to set fixed quantities. Perhaps your pack of 100 could have a quantity of 100, and pack of 500 have a quantity of 500, then the total quantity in the cart would be correct. This retains the separate-product setup which allows for SKUs.

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