Correct way to call a product page using a static block in Magento

I have a content slider setup and works correctly, but when try to add a url to the content navigation I am still seeing my placeholder (#) in the link instead of see the link. What is the correct way to call a product in a static block? I tried using something along the lines of this:

<ul id="nav1">
<li><input id="array_text_0" type="hidden" value="<li><a href="#"></a></li>"/></li>
<li><input id="array_text_1" type="hidden" value="<li><a href="#"></a></li>"/></li>
<li><input id="array_text_2" type="hidden" value="<li><a href="{{store direct_url='/apparel/shoes/mens/asics-men-s-gel-kayano-xii.html'}}"></a></li>"/></li>

however the link does not change from (#)

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  1. I have just tested with a product at /frame.html. To link to that page in a static block I used {{store direct_url="frame.html"}} (the use of direct_url, instead of url, removes the trailing slash.)

    I assume you’ve got caching disabled? If not, disable it and try again.

    Edit: There’s also the fact that you’ve used double-quotes to wrap the arguments and in the value. You’ll either need to escape the double-quotes you’re using as a value, or use single-quotes.

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