Magento staging and production

I have been developing with magento for a while now and things are starting to make sense and become much more deliberate and organised. One aspect though still seems quite messy – moving a site from development to production.

Can anyone offer some good processes for this – up to now I have simply been exporting/importing the the development database, copying source files over, clearing out test orders, customers etc then changing base urls, htaccess files etc.

It all seems a bit messy and error prone. Do any of the more experienced Magento developers have a good process in place for this task that they could share.

Create new product from custom module

Im making a module to import products from another system, but I cant find a way to actually save the product. This is what i have tried:

$new_product    = Mage::getModel('catalog/product');

$productInfoData['sku'] = 'mySKU';
$productInfoData['price'] = '10';
$productInfoData['name'] = 'The name';
$productInfoData['status'] = 1;

// then set product's general info to update

// call save() method to save your product with updated data

But this does not seem to work 🙁

Could anybody help me on the right track?


Product name of configurable product not saving in store other than default

This is a bug in Magento (bug also present in When trying to save a configurable product in a store view other than the default, the “Name” property is not properly saved. The product name for the default store automatically jumps back after saving the configurable product. All other configurable product properties are saved correctly.

This problem is discussed in:

I have developed a few extensions for Magento, and tried to find and correct the bug, but unfortunately this issue is beyond my current Magento capabilities.

Any ideas?

In Magento ,is it possible to modify the default template files via custom modules without hacking into its *.phtml core files?

I am creating a custom module where i added a button in product view page(default file).I have inserted the button code in the following file


and the button gets displayed & works well.But everytime Magento is updated , the above file gets replaced and so my code is discarded.Is there any way to modify or extend or inject the template coding from within my custom module?Should i need to override the core blocks or somehting?

Can a magento store with 1000 websites and daily automated product updates be made to work by using multiple mysql per website?

The mysql performance of running the magento for this situation under one mysql installation is giving a headache. I wonder if it is feasible to setup an individual mysql for each website so that updates to the catalog can occur concurrently across all websites.

Magento V2_SOAP Problem/ Error

Before today my Magento soap worked fine, i could do a logon and a session string would be returned. I have tried the same thing today and it did not work. version

I have tried to connect to 2 different Domains, with each set up with magento and i get the same error.

Can anyone tell me why that would be?

this is the error i am getting.
{“Possible SOAP version mismatch: Envelope namespace was unexpected. Expecting”}

and this is the code i use with Web Reference

string url = "Url";
string apiUser = "User";
string apiKey = "Key";   
_magentoService = new MagentoService();
                        _magentoService.Url = url;
                        var logOn = _magentoService.login(apiUser, apiKey);
                        string logon2 = logOn.ToString();

The same problem with version 1.5 stable